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If you work in the membership/development department of a museum, we welcome you to join our Google Group called Museum Membership Forum. As a member of this online community you will receive information that will make your job easier all year long-- tools, tips, resources, interesting case studies, and more. You will find that this will become a valuable place for you to pose questions and suggest solutions to problems that arise as you work to build and steward your museum’s membership base.

To join Museum Membership Forum, visit http:/

If you qualify, you will be accepted as a member of the group shortly. (Note: If you have a Google account associated with a different email address, you can add your work email address as an alternate in your existing account and then select to have the listserv messages sent there. You can also create a new Google account just for your work email address.) Once your request has been approved, sign in and you'll see a welcome message that includes information on how to pose and respond to questions within the group. We look forward to welcoming you to the conversation!

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